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Storm Shelters

Why Are Storm Shelters So Important?

When it comes to destructive storms like a tornador or hurricane, do you have a safe place to take shelter? Storm shelters can provide life-saving protection from these storms, especially those without a basement. There are two types of shelters, underground storm shelters and safe rooms. Underground storm shelters ( AKA tornado cellars) can provde the best and most reliable protection from Tornados; however, it may be hard to construct in highly urbanized areas or flood-prone zone. Safe Rooms, on the other hand,  are typically built within garages or basements. These rooms can withstand 250 mph winds, which is more than an EF-5 tornado with a 200-234 mph winds. 

Regardless, be sure to weight the pros and cons between the two kinds of storm shelters to select the best option for your situation. Also, make sure to check with the company building your shelter that it is complaint with all FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and our NSSA safety standards.

If you are considering a storm shelter for your home, check out our list of reccommended storm shelter vendors.  

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