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Storm Shelter Conference

Announcing the 2017 Storm Shelter Conference, presented by the National Storm Shelter Association. Register here for the 2017 Storm Shelter Conference. This conference will feature technical sessions, committee meetings and a social event the rst night. The meeting will be held in McKinney, Texas, located approximately 30 miles northeast of DFW International Airport (DFW).

A preliminary schedule of events and a list of the technical presentations can be found here.

This year the conference will accommodate an increased interest in NSSA/ICC 500-2014 requirements for community tornado shelters which are required by the 2015 International Building Code in schools and first response centers over a region that affects 23 states. The morning sessions of the first day will address many concepts that apply to both community and residential shelters/ safe rooms but there are two tracks in the afternoon that will focus on issues more specic to either community shelters or residential shelters. Many of these sessions will present challenges applying the current provisions of the NSSA/ICC 500-2014 standard, methods of overcoming those challenges, recommendations for guidelines, and proposed changes to the standard. 

The second day of the conference, NSSA’s new Design Practices Committee will be formally meeting for the first time. Developing and publishing guidelines on how to apply NSSA/ICC 500-2014 to Community Tornado Shelters will be a priority of the Design Practices Committee.