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Strategic Goals

 Strategic Goals for 2016-2018

Every 3 years, the NSSA Education and Outreach Foundation introduces a formal strategic planning process to evaluate the vision, mission, ad goals of the organization. The in-depth process invoces the Board of Directors, key partners, and Advisory Council members that share a common understanding of the NSSA. Further, the dialogue allows these entities to work together with the NSSA staff to identify new opportunities and strategies for successful education and outreach. 

Goal 1

Sustain, leverage and grow the NSSA Education and Outreach Foundation reputation as the pre-eminent subject matter expert on storm shelters and safe rooms.

Goal 2

Increase building professionals’ knowledge in storm shelter and safe room design and installation.

Goal 3

Increase the public’s understanding in storm shelter and safe room capabilities, cost, and options.

Goal 4

Increase the number of storm shelters/safe rooms that are installed in tornado prone areas of the country through smart disaster financing.